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Youth Festival 2022

Amrut Rang Yuva Urja Mahotsav 

          This blog is based on the thinking activity assigned by Dr. Dilip Barad sir to reflect our critical thinking ability of Festival 2022 organised by Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University. 

           The grand inter-college Youth Festival is being organised every year, which provides a medium for annual gathering with the exposure of various arts and hidden talents. Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singh ji Bhavnagar University organised a 4 day youth festival on 18/19/20/21 September 2022, wearing students from various colleges and departments have tried to present the skills. 

   After two years Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University organised a Youth Festival on 18/19/20/21 September 2022, hosted by Takshila Institute. As we were not able to do it in the previous two years due to Covid Pandemic.

       The Name of Youth Festival was given this time


      As we are celebrating 75 years of the independence of India as AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV, in a similar way, the name of Youth Festival is attributed as AMRUT RANG for that purpose to celebrate 75 years of independence.

Click here to view photos and videos of youth Festival with event information 

Themes represented in various tableaux of Kala Yatra:-

          Youth festival started by Kala Yatra on 18th September from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. The route was from Victoria Park Water Tank to the University Amphi Theatre

       Almost 44 colleges of BHAVNAGAR University had participated in this Youth Festival. As a part of KALA PRADRSHAN, Kalayatra is being organised so citizens come to know about it. Now it has been widened due to the technical tools. Live telecast of Kalayatra and other events was going on the Youtube channel of MKBU and also on the channel of host institution Taxshila. Around 1 lakh people watched Kalayatra both online or offline way. Themes were mostly based on current scenarios, issues and its Solutions.

         As the name is attributed to Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, themes represented in various tableaux of Kala Yatra was connected with 75 years of independent India. 

                 Swami Sahajanand College of commerce and management's theme of Kala Yatra was new education policy of India 2022. They emphasized on value based education from Rishi tradition education to the current time. The main advantage of this new education policy is that it is based on skills which can provide each student livelihood, like various arts sports and other professions. The slogans were,

“शिक्षा की गारंटी, रफ्तार भारत की...”

“કૌશલ્ય યુક્ત તાલીમી શિક્ષણ તરફ...”

 “New Academic Structure”

           Sir P. P. Institute of science presented the theme of women empowerment and contribution of women in freedom movement by the slogan and representation of Kannagi, a legendary Tamil woman character from Tamil epic Silapathikaram written by Jain prince Ilango Adigal. Kannagi proves and protests the injustice then curse the king and the city of Madurai.

         The theme of Sardar Patel Institute was the representation of Bhavnagar from 1723 to 2022, journey of 299 years of Bhavnagar. There was representation of "Vilay Patra", where Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji, the king of Bhavnagar becomes the first to give his Kingdom to the United India Movement lead Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. There were other things also veg are connected in the development of necessity like women empowerment education skills Heritage sports development of along shipyard and CSMRI. 

       The Department of English represented the Literature and Digital World. K. R. Didhi group of Colleges presented rural or working class with Dance.

         Everyday we hear so much news of road accidents. So to bring this kind of awareness among people or to wake people up from doing silly mistakes i.e., overtake, too much speed of driving, Samaldas arts college attempted to raise this problem. Their mouth were shut by ribbon which shows we are just watching it but doing nothing for it and we are having no care of this problem, with help of a slogan,

“નિર્ણય તમારો છે,

તમારો પરિવાર તમારી રાહ જોઈ રહ્યો છે.

પરિવહનના નિયમોનું પાલન કરો.”

               The theme of Takshashila institute was the contribution of Political leaders, sport persons, Parva and Dharma and prominent figures of the Cultural field in Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav. There were slogans like,

“एक नारी सबपे भारी”

“Never buy gold, simply earn it.”

“दंगल - दंगल”

“અહિંસા પરમો ધર્મ ”

             So in all the participant colleges, themes were in and all the same but there were variations according to various fields. 

Themes in Dramatic events:-

            Themes of the dramatic events were mainly based on current scenarios. It tended to enclose the reality of the modern world. Like education, women empowerment, gaming, disadvantages of social media etc.

One act Play:-

      I have attended only one "One act Play" named "आसिफा: एक पहेली". Theme of this play was women's condition in the society and various issues like,

  • Concept of ordeal of Sita in Ramayan
  • Condition of Draupadi and Shurpankha
  • Marrital rape
  • Women as property
  • Gange rape of Aasifa

             There was one line, which was very appealing. A girls says,

મારાથી ઘરનું નામ ન થાય તો બદનામ કઈ રીતે થાય?


           Themes of Skit were were,

  • Girl child education
  • Condition of women
  • Inflationary and Education, Education business and Education institution as a factor
  • Education system: too much load on children


      Mime is basically performed to bring awareness, put issues in front of people without words only by actions. This tales a lot. Here it proves that "Action Speaks louder than voice". So general themes were,

  • Gaming which is diverting youth
  • 75 years of independent India, freedom movement, war 
  • Let's support our Nation in every possible way
  • Robotics element in Human in Current time 
  • Pain of animals in Circus
  • યુદ્ધ નહીં બુદ્ધ
  • Hardships and risks at Circus. Though they wear a smile to entertain others, forgetting their pain and sufferings.

Dramatic literary theories in Dramatic events:-

Here I will discuss three dramatic literary theories of two events, which as per my understanding can be fitted in the events. 

Dryden's definition of Play and Aristotle's Tragedy :-

            These literary theories can be applicable to the one act Play "आसिफा ". According to John Dryden,

"Play is just and lively image of human nature representing its passions and humour and the changes of fortune, to which it is subject for the delight and instruction of mankind."

              In "Aasifa", there is a just and lively image of human nature. It presents passions and changes of fortune, i.e., condition of women, mindset of people. And the last part gives delight and instruction. At the end of the play, they raised a question of women's condition from ancient to Modern time. 

             Aristotle's definition of Tragedy can be also applicable to this one act play. It is a tragedy of women or we can say tragedy to be born as a woman. It has given us an example of Sita, Draupadi and Shurpankha at last tragedy of Aasifa, 8 year old girl raped in the year 2018. It is a true story not a fiction. At the end of the play we feel a kind of purgation, it means the concept of Aristotle's Tragedy can be fitted here.

Modern Tragicomedy:-

"Tragicomedy is a literary genre that blends aspects of both tragic and comic forms."

           The concept of Tragicomedy, we can see a skit "Inflationary and Education". It was presented in a comical way but it presents the bitter Tragedy of the modern Education system. Here Education is compared to business and Education institutions are called factories. It is a representation and Satire of the modern Education system.

Themes and cinematic techniques used in short films:-

Click here to watch short films

Magic Box:-


  • Magica box as a symbol
  • Domestic violence generation by generation
  • Female wants boy child
  • Eminence of Family

Cinematic techniques:-

                This short film is based on Domestic violence, so a make up box is used to indicate that women hide their pain of Domestic violence to maintain the eminence of her family. 


            This short film is based on the theme of the condition of a woman. It is in two parts, the first part is of Zamku's imagination as she is handling the house like a man. But later she wakes up from sleep and then prays to Goddess Amba to make her dream one day come true. 

Cinematic techniques:- 

             This is a story of a woman's imagination and shows imagination and later on reading when she wakes from dream.

Fake it till you make it:-

          The main theme of this short film is about fake news where a reporter is imprisoned when he attends to unfold the truth of an intake company who made chips. It was told that it works to scan the body, but it was working to know what people think.

Cinematic techniques:-

             It is a story about fake news. The cinematic technique is used very well. The scenes of running, watch ⌚ and jail is very well presented by the past and present scenario.


Theme of this short film is Representation of Dissociate Identity Disorder. There are many superstitions about this disease, people think that person could be possessed by evil powers. But it is not so, it can be cured by regular counselling and therapy. 


Representation of various themes, satire, didacticism and aestheticism in various arts expressions represented in Fine Arts events in Youth Festival:-

            To watch and observe all the artistic expressions is a kind of opportunity to see how artists put ideas on paper or in other forms.

        On the last day all these expressions were open for public display. I have visited it and got many ideas from it.   It was based on many themes, like Azadika Amrit Mahotsav, Women Empowerment, Pollution, Yoga, Corruption, Inflationary, awareness, Journey, Teacher and student, etc.

        From all of these I have categorised each event in one aspect.

          I have seen didacticism in installation, Spot Painting and poster Making. In clay modelling also we can find the same. Cartoon generally means satire by laughing at people or situations, it can be social, political and economical. An  element of aestheticism is presented in Rangoli, Mehndi, poster making, paper collage, spot painting and Clay modelling.

My experience as a participant:-

           I participated in Cartoon Making but couldn't secure anything but have got experience and learnt a lot. I didn't know anything but to learn how to make it, so I decided to participate in it. With this learning I will try to give my best next year. 

On the closing ceremony we got space to present a song, so I sang a Gujarati Lagna Geet "મોર તારી સોનાની ચાંચ". The stage matters a lot for me. So feeling very happy for that performance. 

Elocution competition:-

              In addition to all these events, I want to describe the Elocution competition. I have attended this event for two main reasons, first I am very much interested in Elocution and second was that I was a volunteer on that Event. My purpose of learning from this competition was fulfilled when after completion of the competition, one of the Judges, Dr. Dhirenbhai Vaishav gave us an understanding "What is Elocution?". First of all he presented two main aspects of Elocution competition;
  1. Purpose
  2. Time
           Purpose of the subject should be clear while talking, subject information, suggestions, history problems and solutions also must be there. There is a time limit while delivering speech. So it is necessary to manage time. Other things which sir Emphasised are,
  • Statement should not be generalized
  • Concrete thoughts, views and points
  • Logic should be dominant
  • Language - sentence structure and grammar
  • Volume - pitch
  • Voice Modulation
  • Reflection of self
              So these points are very much important while speaking in an Elocution competition.

Festival of Youthfulness "युवानी का महोत्सव"

          Youth is the backbone of a nation. Youth festival provides a very happy and cheerful atmosphere. It provides an opportunity for free expression or views. Students rise above the narrow walls of religionism. We all be together, celebrate and learn together and that is the major advantage of this festival. 
         After attending this Youth festival for the first time, I have realised that truly it is a Festival of Youthfulness, where youth get a chance to present what they have in various fields. It provides them space to reflect so many innovation ideas which are innate in them. 

Thank you...


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