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MKBU Youth Festival 2022 Highlights

 Amrut Rang - Youth Festival 2022

Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University 

             This blog is based on the Highlights of Youth Festival 2022 organised by Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University on 18/19/20/21 September 2022. In this blog I am going to share my experience of the Youth Festival and also going to give an outline of various events. 

Click here to read my Reflective blog of Youth Festival 

             After two years Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University organised a Youth Festival on 18/19/20/21 September 2022, hosted by Takshila Institute. As we were not able to do it in the previous two years due to Covid Pandemic. It was started by Kalayatra on 18th September. The route was from Victoria Park Water Tank to the University Amphi Theatre. 

The Name of Youth Festival was given this time


      As we are celebrating 75 years of the independence of India as AZADI KA AMRIT MAHOTSAV, in a similar way, the name of Youth Festival, AMRUT RANG was also very given for that purpose to celebrate 75 years of independence.

          Almost 44 colleges of BHAVNAGAR University had participated in this Youth Festival. As a part of KALAPRADRSHAN, Kalayatra is being organised so citizens come to know about it. Now it has been widened due to the technical tools. Live telecast of Kalayatra and other events was going on the Youtube channel of MKBU and also on the channel of host institution Taxshila. Around 1 lakh people watched Kalayatra both online or offline way. Themes were mostly based on current scenarios, issues and its Solutions.  and  Here is a glimpse of Kala Yatra.

New education policy
Emphasis on Value based Education, in which each of the students can get livelihood

Kannagi from Silappathikaram 
Contribution of Women in Freedom movement

299 Not out - Bhavnagar from 1723 to 2022
Women Empowerment

Literature and 
Digital World

Carelessness about accidents

Working Class - Rural class

         The opening ceremony was on 19th September. Chief guests of the opening ceremony were Safin Hasan sir, IPS officer of Bhavnagar District, SP officer of Bhavnagar,, Kirtiben Dhanidhariya, Mayor of Bhavnagar, Abhishek Jain- Filmmaker and Jitubhai Vaghani, honorable Education minister of Gujarat. 

 Education minister of Gujarat Jitubhai Vaghani

Inch. Vice chancellor of MK Bhavnagar University, Dr. M. N. Trivedi 

Bhartiben Shiyal

SP officer of Bhavnagar, Ravindra Patel 

Mayor of Bhavnagar district, 
Kirtiben Dhanidhariya

Gujarati film director, Abhishek Jain

IPS officer of Bhavnagar, Safin Hasan

           Youth festivals provide us a platform to reach our destination in whichever activity we like. This time Gujarati Film director, Abhishek Jain has chosen four singers for their singing journey. All the winners will represent Bhavnagar University in the West Zone Youth Festival. So there also they will get a chance to look forward to their field.

      After the opening ceremony, all events started side by side. In those days main events were organised. Including , Music, Folk Dance, Fine arts, Theatre events and Literature. In this Youth festival there were five places where these events were organised and accordingly they have given one particular name.

1. Atal Auditorium:- Vinodbhai Amlani Natyamanch

2. Old Court Hall:- Shree Rajesh Vaishnav Surmanch

3. External Department:- Shree T. K. Gohil Kalamanch

4. Amphi Theatre:- Shree Mahendrabhai Meghani Mukhyamanch

5. English Department:- Shree Harindra Dave Sahitya Manch

               It was the second Youth Festival for me but When I was in First year of BA, I didn't attend these events so I must say that it was my first for me. I have attended most of the events and tried to get something or learn something out of this. When we are students of language and literature, all these fields which are included in the Youth festival are one way or the other and have a kind of connection with literature as well. Almost all are part of language and literature. There were lots of new things as well as repetition of old things. Both things go parallel

Around 32 events were organised this year. Click here for the event information and participation of various institutions in it.


        Only Four participants were there in mimicry. Most of the voices were the same. Like voices of birds, animals, insects, train, ghost, vehicle, etc. 

★ Mono Acting:-

★ Short film:-

         Seven colleges participated in the Short film. It concludes short films,
  • Magic Box
  • Zamku
  • Three
  • Fake it till you make it
  • Bhavnagar
  • Maharajshree
  • Swatantra Sangram

One Act Play:-
આસિફા એક પહેલી…


★ Classical dance:-

★Folk Dance:-

★Poster Making:-

  •  Among people
  • Youth Festival
  • Nature and I

★ Spot painting:-
  • Festival of Navratri
  • Azadika Amrit Mahotsav
  • Village marriage 


★Paper Collage:-

  • Live stage event of Amrit Mahotsav
  • Fighters
  • Mother

★ Installation:-

  • Cleanliness
  • Freedom
  • Culture

★ Clay Modelling:-
  • Teacher and Student
  • Yoga
  • Traveller 

★ Rangoli:-

★ Cartooning:-

  • Leader / politician
  • Inflationary
  • Corruption 

★ Elocution:-
  • Value Based Education
  • Women - A  Self-Creating Force/ Dynamic Force
  • Our role in Azadika Amrit Mahotsav

Essay :- 
  • Two steps towards Nature
  • Fatal Factors of Democracy
  • If Humans can know the Future 
  • Health is Wealth
  • Mobile Phone - Useful or Useless?



પૃથ્વીના માનવી તમે રે તારો તો…

માને તો મનાવી લેજો જી…

રામ તમે સીતાજીને તોલે ન આવો

મારી મેના રે બોલેને બગલો..

Sugam Geet:-

ઓગાળી દઈએ આકાશને…

લીલીછમ લાગણીનો છોડ…

તારી તે પ્રીતમાં પાગલ થઈ ગઈ…

Western Solo Song:-

Western Group Song:-

During the Skit performances, there were certain problems aroused among students from the audience. So to handle the situation the managing trusti of Host institution Takshashila played a song "Har Har Shambhu" and told to on mobile flash light to create the moment memorable.

        My experience of this Youth Festival is very much important as well as informative. After entering the Department of English, MKBU, I have acquired a vision to look beyond things. So this time I have started to explore ideas, it can be connected to study, literature or real life events and its outcome. I and students of the department of English have attended most of the events. So we were going here or there to find out if there is something new or unique, if not then why that old thing has been repeated. I want to connect several literary works 

                 During this Youth Festival, it was decided to do live streaming of all the events which were organised in Amphi Theatre and Atal Auditorium. All the Theatrical events were performed in Atal Auditorium. But during the events, live telecast of theatrical events except Mime, were prevented as it was said that scripts of all the events were not given to the authority before, so it may create disputes, as we all see before starting any movie, there is a presentation of certificate which is given by censor board. Like these events, debate competition streaming was not telecasted due to this reason. 

        I participated in Cartoon Making but couldn't secure anything but have got experience and learnt a lot. With this learning will try to give my best next year. On the closing ceremony we got space to present a song, so I sang a Gujarati Lagna Geet "મોર તારી સોનાની ચાંચ". The stage matters a lot for me. So feeling very happy for that performance.

Closing ceremony -

                       The Closing Ceremony of the Youth Festival brings too much joy among students as well as institutions. It declares the outcome of participants’ hard work. Before the result announcement, the formal ceremony was there. On the closing Dr. Chetan Trivedi, Vice Chancellor of Bhaktkavi Narsinh Mehta University, RJ Akash and Singer Ishani .Dave were present.

Swami Sahajanand College of Commerce and Management won the General Championship of the MKBU Youth Festival 2022. Sardar Patel Institute has become First Runners Up. Here is glimpse of that.

           This time management committee had provided Rikshaw in the University area to help students and others to reach the event place. It  became helpful to all.

       We, The students of the department of English participated in 17 events. Out of these we have secured Champion in Elocution, first runner-up up in Mono acting and Debate and Second runner up in Western solo song, Clay Modelling, Rangoli, Short film, poetry recitation and essay writing. 

  • Elocution - Dhvani Rajyaguru 
  • Mono acting- Dhvani Rajyaguru
  • Second in Debate - Rajeshvariba Rana and Kosha Bhatt 
  • Western solo song - Emisha Ravani 
  • Clay Modelling and Rangoli - Jheel Barad 
  • Short film - Divya Sheta , Divya Parmar , Rajeshvariba Rana, Himanshi Parmar , Nilay Rathod 
  • Essay writing - Divya Parmar
  • Poetry writing and recitation - Himanshi Parmar

          Congratulations all for the wonderful achievement. 

During the Youth festival we have explored a lot, attended so many events and tried to connect the dots with the learning process. It's a great pleasure for the department of English to participate in large numbers and also get rank.

Congratulations to all the participants as it is more important whether we get something or not.

Thank you for visiting...

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